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Duane Dawnrae Designs specializes in internet related services.  Our expertise covers web design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), logo design, graphics design, marketing, web master services, site optimization and code debugging.

Web Design

Designing a website starts with you our client.  We will ask what are your goals and how would you like to be branded?  After all your website makes an impact on how your business is perceived and we want to make sure that first impression is a good one; We will ask the right questions and put all our expertise to work for you.

Web Development

Wed design and web development are terms often interchanged yet there is a difference.  A web designer can be a graphic artist who does not have to know anything about HTML.  A web developer has to know everything else which we do. 


SEO is a combination of art and science.  Although no one can legimately promise you a high ranking on the search engine results pages there are steps we can take to help your website get there.