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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Overview

We approach SEO as a combination of art and science.  Although we or nor anyone else can absolutely guarantee you a high ranking on the search engine results pages we will take the steps required to help your website get there.  Search engine ranking is composed of well written HTML, properly written content, relevance and link backs.

Relevance and SEO

The importance of relevance can not be stressed enough and it is the number one determining factor on your search engine ranking.  We optimize your site for relevance by using the recommendations of the major search engines in conjunction with best engineering practices and site navigation

Content and SEO

Effective SEO requires that your content be written in a way that your college English professor may not agree is good writing practices.  Writing for the internet is different than writing for a novel or news article.  The paragraph structure has to be designed for the medium and the words that you use are chosen for search engine optimization.


Coding your website for SEO is an engineering process that we approach like a machine would.  We write code that is lean and mean which does not confuse the bot indexing your site.  Although the algorithms the major search engines use are closely guarded secrets essentially they are looking for hierarchal data.  That is where our expertise comes in.

Link Backs and SEO

A link back is a link on another website that links to your websites content.  The more links to your website from other websites that are related to the users search term, the more relevance a search engine places on your content.  Our experts will guide you through the process.